04 Oct 2022

Use Lean-Agile Portfolio Management to Optimize Value Delivery

Many organizations have moved beyond traditional Project Management and embraced an Agile approach. ...

23 Aug 2022

How Large Program IV&V Works in Practice

Large and complex transformations of processes, roles and technology should have a relentless focus ...

09 Aug 2022

Rapid Engagement IV&V: How it Works in Practice

Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) assessments can play a key role in executing a su...

03 Aug 2022

Ensure Your Transformation is Successful With Rapid Engagement IV&V

Organizations are rapidly transforming to increase their capability to meet customer demands for fas...

23 Jun 2022

Balance People, Process and Technology to Streamline Your Transformation

When transforming to a Product-centric organization, People, Processes and Technology are the key el...

10 May 2022

Setting a Transformation Vision to Become a Product-centric Organization

Organizations across the commercial and public sectors are becoming Product-centric and transitionin...

19 Oct 2021

How to Leverage IV&V for Rapid Engagements

In any transformation, Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) assessments validate if th...

12 Oct 2021

Ensure Your Large Program Transformation Success with IV&V

Organizational transformations of your processes, technology and systems can benefit from Independen...

25 May 2021

4 Ways to Create Alignment to Your Transformation’s Vision

The key to successful transformation is developing a culture where people have common beliefs aligne...

20 May 2021

Using Agile IV&V: Quickly Mitigate Your Risks with Improved Transparency

Does this sound familiar? You spent good money to have an Independent Verification and Validation (I...

18 May 2021

4 Tips to Ensure Leadership Buy-in for Your Transformation

Executive leadership plays a crucial role for gaining organizational buy-in at all levels in a succe...

11 May 2021

A Common Issue in Agile Adoption: Choosing the Right Metrics

One common issue that organizations face in Agile adoption is how to measure the success of their tr...

27 Apr 2021

Buy-in at All Levels: A Key to Successful Organizational Change

When undertaking a significant organizational change such as shifting from a Project-to-Product focu...

02 Apr 2021

Turn Change Into Value™ Using Agile IV&V

As organizations digitally transform their processes, automate their operations and build new produc...

25 Mar 2020

The Secret to High-Performing Remote Teams? An Agile Mindset.

30 Jan 2020

How to Remove 6 Barriers that Cause Organizational Silos

Do you suffer from organizational silos? 86% of polled employees and executives blame a lack of coll...

By xScion
06 Feb 2019

When Decentralized Decision-Making is Best…And Not Best.

  In the typical, dynamic Agile environment there are two constants - conditions change and decision...

By xScion
29 Jan 2019

The Time Sensitive Nature of Communicating Changes in Agile Priorities

  We all can identify with this scenario: a delay causes us to start our commute 10 minutes late. Th...

By xScion
24 Jan 2019

Communicate the Big (Agile) Picture

  John G. Saxe’s poem, “The Blind Men and the Elephant,”  based on the famous parable, is an example...

By xScion
15 Jan 2019

Successful Communication is Crucial to Your Agile Transformation

One of the most common challenges for organizations on the Agile journey is navigating the gap betwe...

By xScion