Written by Kevin Heisey
on August 03, 2022

Organizations are rapidly transforming to increase their capability to meet customer demands for fast, seamless and user-friendly technologies. Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) validates that your new processes, technologies and organizational changes are set up to succeed. Rapid Engagement IV&V is tailored for shorter transformation assessments that can last from several weeks to a few months and provide you the benefit of quick and early independent insights that:

  • Validate you are on the right track
  • Identify potential for increased business value
  • Create an early feedback loop with robust dialog
  • Provide greater lead time to identify challenges and develop remediation plans
  • Avoid costly rework

Challenges Addressed by Rapid Engagement IV&V

Rapid Engagement IV&V can play a key role in quickly addressing the following common challenges that arise in transformation efforts before they lead to larger, costlier problems.

Problem Space Awareness: Rapid Engagement IV&V can validate your understanding of the Problem Space and the needs of your users with additional, expert perspective that ensures your program gets off to a strong start.

Need for Timely Recommendations: Due to their nature, smaller programs need rapid remediation and corrective approaches. Rapid Engagement IV&V provides results and feedback early and continuously using an iterative Agile approach.

Need for Deeper Expertise: Rapid Engagement IV&V can bring your team external expertise and perspective that can help you overcome resource constraints and identify opportunities and alternatives you might otherwise miss.

On-demand Support: Rapid Engagement IV&V provides the support needed to remediate specific problems, often through brief, on-demand engagements. IV&V teams can evaluate specific technology or help determine which tools are the best fit for a particular context.

Process: Gaps, inconsistencies and redundancies in key Program and Project Management processes lead to delays and increase overhead. Rapid Engagement IV&V helps identify issues and provides immediate remediation.

Communication & Collaboration: Rapid Engagement IV&V can identify communication gaps and help implement effective Lean Agile practices that improve collaboration and efficiency and reduce misdirected time and effort.

Requirements, Estimation and Prioritization: Rapid Engagement IV&V can identify gaps, clarify requirements and implement estimation and prioritization mechanisms to streamline workflows.

Metrics: Well-defined metrics help track meaningful progress towards expected business outcomes. Rapid Engagement IV&V can provide insight from industry best practices and recommended metrics that align with business outcomes to ensure timely delivery of value.

A Key to Successful Transformation

Rapid Engagement IV&V can be a key to executing a successful transformation program. Right from the start, you can validate that you have a sound understanding of the Problem Space your program is addressing and ensure your team is on the right implementation track. You can use on-demand IV&V intervention to identify and address gaps and weaknesses in your communication and collaboration or for additional expertise to help assess what technology and tools are the best fit for your program. Rapid Engagement IV&V can save you time, reduce the risk of going in the wrong direction and rework, supplement your in-house knowledge and expertise and ensure you deliver the optimal value as quickly as possible.

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