Written by Anant Dhavale
on July 05, 2023

Transformation is a multipronged journey with several moving parts. Of these, knowledge uptake, retention and growth at a sustainable pace remain critical for the organization to stay competitive and successful. As technologies evolve and industries shift toward newer paradigms, continuous upskilling of employees becomes crucial to fully realize the business value from transformation investments.

anant blog 1Enterprise Transformation Quadrant

Lack of effective knowledge transfer and the consequential loss of knowledge is often cited as a major problem by executives in terms of loss of efficiency and the additional costs incurred. Loss of knowledge (which also includes issues with knowledge uptake and retention) can happen due to several reasons, including but not limited to the following:

  • Frequent movement of practitioners from project to project, lack of stability.
  • Excessive focus on classroom training.
  • Expensive training programs focused on completing modules and certificates/vanity badges.
  • Lack of domain-specific level of detail in training materials.
  • Lack of customer/use case-specific level of detail in training materials.
  • Big Bang, one-time approach to knowledge, treating training as a siloed function.
  • Ineffective knowledge transfer.
  • Lack of collaboration avenues.
  • Organizational neglect of SMEs, lack of career/monetary advancements.

The value impact, if we call it that, is twofold. Not only does the enterprise fail to realize any return on the original investment, but it is also made to spend further to remediate the situation. This also leads to quality issues and the resulting indirect expenses. Therefore, a systemic view of knowledge demands a careful evaluation toward improving critical knowledge areas. 

xScion has developed a specialized Train to Sustain approach that helps enterprises achieve their transformation goals through purpose-built knowledge solutions. Firmly rooted in the core principles of Business Agility, Train to Sustain focuses on the cultural as well as ground-level domain-specific aspects of knowledge transfer, growth and retention. 

As a niche consulting firm catering to the public and non-profit sectors, we understand the constraints our customers operate within. Please reach out to us to know how we can help you on your knowledge transformation journey.