Alison Banziger

17 Jul 2024

Agility & Project Management in the World of AI

As the founder of xScion Solutions, I've witnessed firsthand the remarkable impact our Project Manag...

26 Jun 2024

Empowering More Women in Tech

As the CEO of a woman-owned small business in the tech industry, I have witnessed firsthand the rapi...

05 Apr 2023
xScion 4 min read

Empowering Girls and Women in STEM Through a Virtual 5K

As a former Track & Field college athlete, I've always found solace and inspiration in putting o...

25 Oct 2022
xScion 8 min read

20 Things I've Learned as xScion Turns 20

Reflecting on xScion’s 20th year in business milestone is one of those things where it feels like we...