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The Secret to High-Performing Remote Teams? An Agile Mindset.


Leaning on Agile to Survive COVID-19 Business Disruption


How to Remove 6 Barriers that Cause Organizational Silos

Do you suffer from organizational silos? 86% of polled employees and executives blame a lack of collaboration or bad communication for team problems and failures.

Tips to Stop Common Agile Failures


Every Agile project starts out with the best of intentions. But when it comes to Agile transformation, failure is (unfortunately) an option.

Taking Center Stage: The Customer


In the classic 1954 management book The Practice of Management, Peter Drucker wrote, “what the business thinks it produces is not of first importance – especially not to the future of the business and its success. What the customer thinks he...

Top-down + Bottom-up = Permanence

A Tale of Two Banks – Understanding the Data Problem is Key

“Bias toward action” has become a popular phrase that is now even found in job descriptions. It is popularly used in design thinking and most well known as one of Amazon’s 14 Leadership Principles.

Data Governance to Maximize Value

Measuring for Agile Success

Clearly knowing what to measure and how to communicate and utilize the learnings are challenges for Agile success in today’s data rich environments. In the webinar 4 Communication Strategies for Agile Success, Agile expert Bhavani Krishnan and...

Will All Companies Eventually Become Software Companies?

The other day I read an article in Information Week magazine titled, Capital One CIO: We’re a Software Company. I don’t think it’s any surprise that for a while now, Capital One has distinguished itself from competitors and other large...