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How Small & Medium-Sized Organizations Can Modernize Data Operations Like Capital One & Fannie Mae

I recently came across an article in Forbes about how Fannie Mae is transforming its data environment to emulate more of what we see at firms like Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook. Fannie Mae brought in Scott Richardson, formerly of Capital...

A Tale of Two Data Strategies: It Was the Best of Data, It Was the Worst of Data.

I’ve been engaged in several data modernization discussions lately with various organizations, and there seems to be a theme emerging that points to two very different and diverging approaches to data modernization: one that is very thought-out,...

Dear Leadership - You May Be Killing Agile

How Well Do You Govern Your Data?

Over the last couple of years, I’ve helped many organizations of different sizes and various industries that were struggling with Data Governance. Every organization recognized the importance of governing their data assets, and all were governing...

Live Webinar Explains How to Ensure Data Security by Implementing Identity and Access Management Strategies

xScion Solutions announces webinar, How to Protect Your Company’s Data Anywhere, Anytime, On Any Device: Confidently Implement Identity & Access Management (IAM) Strategies.

Rigid vs. Flexible Agile Transformation Methodology – Yes, You Do Have a Choice.


Data Governance – The Costly Afterthought During Data Maturity


We are in a very interesting time right now as it pertains to data and the promise that data holds for all organizations. We’re being inundated by buzz words like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Analytics and Data Science.

Agile Transformation – You’re Either "All In" or "Not In At All"

I was at the gym the other day running on the treadmill when my mind began to wander. As you often see, trainers were moving around the gym with their clients, helping to provide guidance, instruction and motivation. I was suddenly overcome by...

ADMM: The Playbook for Becoming a Data Company


You want to become a Data Company…but how do you do it? Like any enterprise-level change, becoming a Data Company requires a sustained, organization-wide commitment to transformation. At xScion, our experts developed the Agile Data Maturity...

The Executive Misconception Between Saying And Being a Data Company


A client recently said to me, “We are a data company”, during a conversation about her company's strategy. Like many executives, her aspirational vision of the company was different than how the company currently operates. When I asked what she...

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