Written by xScion
on August 05, 2019


Every Agile project starts out with the best of intentions. But when it comes to Agile transformation, failure is (unfortunately) an option.

A significant number of Agile projects fail due to three primary reasons:

  • 38% due to a lack of executive/senior management alignment and support
  • 42% due to cultural misalignment and miscommunication
  • 44% due to inadequate coaching and training

And failure can be costly. In 2017, the US government lost $32 billion in failed IT projects. Luckily, our experts are here to offer their sage advice and help avoid these common pitfalls. “xScioneers” average more than 15 years of project-related experience at all organizational levels, from federal agencies and massive corporations to nonprofit and small boutique firms. Here are four of our leaders’ top tips to make your Agile goals a reality.


Focus on Leadership

“I have talked to Agile enthusiasts here and abroad, and we all share the same view point. There is not enough buy in and support from leaders in the organization. One of the reasons is the lack of true leadership. Top down mandate initiates the endeavor, bottom level acceptance (even with some resistance) moves the needle further, but it falls flat when there is not enough buy in from the middle layer. Successful Agile transformation requires effective leadership at all levels.” - Bhavani Krishnan, Agile Practice Lead. Learn more.  


Build the Right Culture

“The most successful digital companies leverage modern business and tech frameworks (e.g. Agile, DevOps, DataOps, Cloud, Microservices etc.) to meet their customer needs before their competitors can -  we call this “Time to Value.” Building an infrastructure to support execution of these frameworks does not happen overnight. Besides investing in supporting technology, your organizational culture must promote the use of these frameworks as the “way we work” and include people with the right skill sets.” – Vikas Arya, Principal of Strategic Execution. Read more


Share the Big Picture

“A common challenge for organizations is seamlessly deconstructing the big picture into vision and priorities that stakeholders at all levels agree to work with. Employees get different perspective depending on where they sit in the structure and what is being shared with them. When employees have the big picture and shared accountability, they are more efficient and be more successful.” – Mason Chaudhry, COO. Learn more.


Leverage Advocates

“Creating an Agile Transformation group of advocates, or something similar, where practitioners, the business and leadership can create and promote one shared vision, helps to mitigate the silos that typically hider Agile transformation process.” – Mike Hoke, Client Partner. Read more.