29 Oct 2020

The Product Manager as a Driver of Change

It’s no secret that organizations are operating in an environment that features constant and rapid c...

By xScion
24 Mar 2020

Leaning on Agile to Survive COVID-19 Business Disruption

By xScion
18 Feb 2020
Agile Cloud 3 min read

Insights from the Accelerate State of DevOps Report 2019: How to Boost Your Transformation

By xScion
30 Jan 2020

How to Remove 6 Barriers that Cause Organizational Silos

Do you suffer from organizational silos? 86% of polled employees and executives blame a lack of coll...

By xScion
05 Aug 2019

Tips to Stop Common Agile Failures

By xScion
17 Jul 2019

Taking Center Stage: The Customer

By xScion
24 Jun 2019

Top-down + Bottom-up = Permanence

By xScion
28 Mar 2019
xScion Agile Cloud 3 min read

Using 'as-a-Service' (aaS) to Support Digital Transformation for Small & Mid-sized Companies

By xScion
12 Mar 2019

A Tale of Two Banks – Understanding the Data Problem is Key

By xScion
08 Mar 2019
Cloud 2 min read

We Don’t Need Another (Data Governance) Hero

By xScion
27 Feb 2019

Data Governance to Maximize Value

By xScion
19 Feb 2019

Measuring for Agile Success

By xScion
06 Feb 2019

When Decentralized Decision-Making is Best…And Not Best.

In the typical, dynamic Agile environment there are two constants - conditions change and decision n...

By xScion
29 Jan 2019

The Time Sensitive Nature of Communicating Changes in Agile Priorities

We all can identify with this scenario: a delay causes us to start our commute 10 minutes late. The ...

By xScion
24 Jan 2019

Communicate the Big (Agile) Picture

John G. Saxe’s poem, “The Blind Men and the Elephant,” based on the famous parable, is an example of...

By xScion
21 Jan 2019

Will All Companies Eventually Become Software Companies?

The other day I read an article in Information Week magazine titled, Capital One CIO: We’re a Softwa...

By xScion
15 Jan 2019

Successful Communication is Crucial to Your Agile Transformation

One of the most common challenges for organizations on the Agile journey is navigating the gap betwe...

By xScion
09 Oct 2018

A Data Breach – Scarier than Michael on Halloween

By xScion
25 Sep 2018

The Surprising Simplicity of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Science fiction writer Ray Bradbury once wrote, “Science fiction is any idea that occurs in the head...

By xScion
05 Sep 2018

How Small & Medium-Sized Organizations Can Modernize Data Operations Like Capital One & Fannie Mae

I recently came across an article in Forbes about how Fannie Mae is transforming its data environmen...

By xScion