11 Oct 2022

Measuring Agile Success: What to Look for and What to Avoid

Your organization has gone Agile, what metrics do you use to gauge how you are doing? How do you eva...

04 Oct 2022

Use Lean-Agile Portfolio Management to Optimize Value Delivery

Many organizations have moved beyond traditional Project Management and embraced an Agile approach. ...

29 Sep 2022

Train to Sustain: Learn Agile by Being Agile

Agile adoption has spread from its Development Team origins to entire enterprises as more organizati...

20 Sep 2022
2 min read

How Executive Buy-in Can Optimize Your Agile Training

Organizations seeking to improve their ability to innovate rapidly, at low-cost look to the promise ...

14 Sep 2022

Use Product Roadmaps to Optimize Your Agile Transformation

Product Roadmaps provide organization-wide communication that aligns Stakeholders with organizationa...

07 Sep 2022

Identify and Avoid Vanity Metrics to Successfully Achieve Your Objectives

In his classic 2011 book, The Lean Startup, Eric Ries introduced the concept of Vanity metrics, pres...

30 Aug 2022

Point-in-Time Measurements to Understand Value in an Agile Environment

A key challenge we see as organizations try to scale Agile is that there are disconnects between the...

23 Aug 2022

How Large Program IV&V Works in Practice

Large and complex transformations of processes, roles and technology should have a relentless focus ...

16 Aug 2022

Understand Value Across All Levels of Your Agile Enterprise

Traditionally when you delivered a Product on-time and under budget, it was a cause for celebration....

09 Aug 2022

Rapid Engagement IV&V: How it Works in Practice

Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) assessments can play a key role in executing a su...

03 Aug 2022

Ensure Your Transformation is Successful With Rapid Engagement IV&V

Organizations are rapidly transforming to increase their capability to meet customer demands for fas...

27 Jul 2022
3 min read

Leverage Flexible Work for Competitive Advantage

Modern technology developments made it possible for knowledge workers and others to work remotely, b...

21 Jul 2022

Eliminate Shadow IT with TBM

Across organizations today, nearly every business process leverages technology. Low-code and no-code...

12 Jul 2022
Agile Cloud TBM 2 min read

Use TBM to Understand and Optimize Your Tech Spend

As organizations shift from Project to Product and scale Agile, they require new frameworks for fund...

07 Jul 2022

Agile Resource Planning from Portfolio to Sprint

In contrast to traditional project planning where teams commit to a detailed plan laid out at the st...

30 Jun 2022
2 min read

Deliver Value Through Agile Planning

Agile principles are widely embraced as they are shown to improve organizations’ ability to respond ...

23 Jun 2022

Balance People, Process and Technology to Streamline Your Transformation

When transforming to a Product-centric organization, People, Processes and Technology are the key el...

14 Jun 2022

Transparency and Psychological Safety: Keys to Upskilling Your Teams

The Agile Transformation is upon us, as is the Digital Transformation, the Cloud Transformation and ...

07 Jun 2022

Use Business Architecture to Choose the Right Technology for Your Needs

Global spending on digitally transforming business practices, products and organizations is forecast...

01 Jun 2022

5 Qualities of Effective Product Practitioners

Organizations are shifting from the traditional Project Management to Product-centric approaches in ...