Written by Kevin Heisey
on October 19, 2021

In any transformation, Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) assessments validate if the new process, technology or organizational change being implemented has a minimal risk of failure and is set up for success. IV&V activities can occur as soon as a new concept is introduced, regardless of the size of transformation. For Rapid Engagement IV&V, smaller transformation assessments lasting as few as 6 weeks to a few months, you benefit from quick and early insights by assessing if your concept is sound and if the tools, process and people are in place to successfully carry it out.

Rapid, early IV&V engagement can help:

  • Validate that you are on the right track
  • Identify potential for increased business value
  • Recommend improvements and alternatives

What are key challenges and features of a Rapid Engagement IV&V?

Problem Space Awareness - It is crucial to research and learn about users to get a clear view of the problems you hope to address before proceeding to program solutions. A clearly defined Problem Space is necessary to know the needs of your users and is fundamental for creating a Product Vision and Strategy. A poor understanding of the Problem Space can lead to a mismatch between expectations and deliverables. Rapid Engagement IV&V can validate your understanding of the Problem Space with additional, expert perspective and ensure your program gets off to a strong start.

Communication and Collaboration - Constant communication and collaboration among Stakeholders are vital throughout any program. Communication gaps can lead to timeline failures or misplaced time and effort spent. Rapid Engagement IV&V teams can identify communication gaps and help implement effective Lean Agile practices that improve collaboration and efficiency.

Need for Deeper Expertise - All programs may not have access to broad expertise and knowledge base due to resource constraints. Rapid Engagement IV&V can bring your team the needed external expertise and perspectives that can help you overcome roadblocks and identify opportunities and alternatives.

On-demand Support - Rapid Engagement IV&V provides the support needed to remediate specific problems, often through short duration, on-demand engagements. IV&V teams can evaluate specific technology or help determine which tools are the best fit for a specific context.

Rapid Engagement IV&V can be a key element in executing a successful transformation program. Right from the start, you can validate that you have a sound understanding of the Problem Space your program is addressing and ensure your team is on the right implementation track. You can use on-demand IV&V intervention to identify and address gaps and weaknesses in your communication and collaboration or for additional expertise to help assess what technology and tools are the best fit for your program. Rapid Engagement IV&V can save you time, reduce the risk of going in the wrong direction and rework, supplement your in-house knowledge and expertise and ensure you deliver the optimal value as quickly as possible.