Kevin Heisey

12 Jul 2022
Agile Cloud TBM 2 min read

Use TBM to Understand and Optimize Your Tech Spend

As organizations shift from Project to Product and scale Agile, they require new frameworks for fund...

30 Jun 2022
2 min read

Deliver Value Through Agile Planning

Agile principles are widely embraced as they are shown to improve organizations’ ability to respond ...

23 Jun 2022

Balance People, Process and Technology to Streamline Your Transformation

When transforming to a Product-centric organization, People, Processes and Technology are the key el...

07 Jun 2022

Use Business Architecture to Choose the Right Technology for Your Needs

Global spending on digitally transforming business practices, products and organizations is forecast...

24 May 2022

Culture Challenges, Change Management and Your Product Journey

Organizations across the commercial, government and nonprofit sectors are shifting from Project orie...

10 May 2022

Setting a Transformation Vision to Become a Product-centric Organization

Organizations across the commercial and public sectors are becoming Product-centric and transitionin...

19 Apr 2022

Optimize Strategy Shifts with BPM

Organizations constantly face both threats and opportunities that can necessitate changes in overall...

15 Apr 2022

4 Ways for Leaders to Drive Successful Cloud Adoption

Executive leaders play a crucial role in Cloud adoption. They can’t simply proclaim, “we’re going in...

07 Apr 2022

Beat Analysis Paralysis and Start Benefiting from the Cloud

A major roadblock to Cloud adoption efforts continues to be analysis paralysis. Organizations see ex...

29 Mar 2022

5 Strategies to Attract and Retain Cloud Talent

Attracting and retaining talent has always been challenge in the tech industry, but the pandemic led...

22 Mar 2022

Bridging the Cloud Talent Gap

Organizations are rapidly bringing on new technology as they look to the Cloud to become more cost e...

15 Mar 2022
xScion 4 min read

Women’s History Month: 4 Technology Pioneers

At xScion we’re commemorating Women’s History Month by highlighting women technology pioneers who em...

01 Mar 2022

Create Value with Agile and DevOps

While some organizations have successfully merged Agile and DevOps methodologies from the onset of t...

23 Feb 2022

Four Challenges to Scaling Agile

Successfully scaling Agility across an enterprise can lead to great results. According to McKinsey f...

26 Jan 2022

Tips to Implement the Right Technology for Your Association

Technology touches every aspect of an Association’s life, from member experience and engagement to e...

01 Dec 2021
Public Sector 2 min read

Efficiency Versus Effectiveness: Leadership’s Role in Complying with New Regulations

Major regulatory changes, which attract the attention of executive leadership, often come with a nat...

23 Nov 2021

Measuring Success While Scaling Agile and Product Practices

As organizations transition from Project to Product and scale Agile across their enterprises, they m...

18 Nov 2021

How to Overcome Roadblocks for Seamless Agile Transformation

Organizations are increasingly focused on accelerating Agility adoption to improve their ability to ...

09 Nov 2021

The Intersection of Agile and DevOps

Theoretically, implementing and scaling Agile and DevOps seems simple. Most organizations want to ma...

02 Nov 2021

Five Strategies to Bridge the Cloud Talent Gap

Over the last two years, there has been a 50% increase in organizations moving their technologies in...