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Consumerism Trumps All in Healthcare Transformation

By Vikas Arya


Policy makers could better use resources promoting programs that engage individuals in managing their health and improving population health.

Trying to make sense of our healthcare system causes confusion and frustration for most...

Board Games and Business Practices

Having recently visited my family for the Thanksgiving holiday, I started to think about some of the daily business practices that a professional might have throughout their career while playing (read: losing) multiple board games against my...

And The Winner Is...

Funny how a little subjective question about a logo can cause a heated debate and what a heated debate it was. But after much hand wringing and gnashing of teeth we are pleased to roll out our new logo which you see here.

Battle of the "S"

2015 brought a significant number of positive changes to xScion. We moved, migrated to new accounting and other back office systems, grew revenue by 40+% and embarked on a rebranding effort.

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