26 Jan 2022

Tips to Implement the Right Technology for Your Association

Technology touches every aspect of an Association’s life, from member experience and engagement to e...

26 Oct 2021

Identify and Implement the Right Technology to Optimize Business Value

2022 is fast approaching and we expect to see major increases in technology spending across most ind...

01 Sep 2021

Cut Through Noise to Know Your Customer

xScion’s Product Genome framework is based on the idea that every successful product addresses a spe...

27 Aug 2021

A Product Approach for Associations: From Strategy to Execution

As an Association, do you want to leverage new digital capabilities to transform how you engage memb...

17 Aug 2021

How Associations Can Use Product Management to Address 5 Common Innovation Challenges

Associations Innovate: The Journey from Intent to Action, a report commissioned by the ASAE Foundati...

11 Aug 2021

5 Emergent Areas Where Associations Can Leverage Digital Products

The global pandemic disrupted normal operations for Associations and forced a rapid shift in how the...

04 Aug 2021

Understanding IT Spending to Turn Change Into Value

Financial Services and Public sectors organizations are rapidly transforming to become Product-centr...

29 Jun 2021

5 Tips for a Successful Public Sector Product Approach

In our first look at a Product Approach for the Public sector, we identified key issues and challeng...

22 Jun 2021

The Whole Product, Theodore Levitt and Product Management Today

It is useful to revisit the early foundation on which Product Management is built to understand why ...

15 Jun 2021

Product Approach for the Public Sector- Part 1

With the advent of Agile Product practices, there has been an ever-increasing focus in the Public se...

25 May 2021

4 Ways to Create Alignment to Your Transformation’s Vision

The key to successful transformation is developing a culture where people have common beliefs aligne...

27 Apr 2021

Buy-in at All Levels: A Key to Successful Organizational Change

When undertaking a significant organizational change such as shifting from a Project-to-Product focu...

20 Apr 2021
Product Management 3 min read

Project-to-Product: Organizing Around Value Streams

A shift from Project to Product requires a holistic view of the enterprise, augmented by value strea...

13 Apr 2021

Leveraging Technology Business Management (TBM) to Increase Value and Accelerate Change

As organizations shift from Projects to Products and have an increased reliance on digital technolog...

06 Apr 2021

Making the Shift from Project to Product

More and more public sector and commercial organizations are transitioning away from traditional Pro...

23 Mar 2021

Tips to Use Business Process Management to Help You Turn Change Into Value™

Rapid technological change is leading to the development of new tools and business capabilities at a...

16 Mar 2021

How to Use Business Agility and a Customer Focus to Turn Change Into Value™

Today’s business environment is characterized by rapid change driven by market trends, customer expe...

15 Dec 2020

Best Product Practices + Your Organization’s DNA = Product Genome

Enterprises collectively spend billions of dollars developing new products, but 95% of new products ...

03 Dec 2020

Is That New Technology Product the Best Fit for Your Enterprise?

Today, there are new and emerging technologies available to solve almost any business problem. We sh...

16 Nov 2020

A Product Approach To Planning For Unplanned Work

John F. Kennedy said, “The only unchangeable certainty is that nothing is certain or unchangeable”.