06 Oct 2021

Using Business Architecture to Ensure Compliance in Policy-Driven Sectors

In policy-driven, highly-regulated industries, organizations must adapt to ever-changing policies an...

28 Sep 2021

Optimize the Value of Your Technology Spend with Business Architecture

Technology spending is increasing in the United States and globally. Gartner projects a 6.2% increas...

21 Sep 2021

Successfully Execute Your Strategy Using Business Architecture

Is your organization capability driven? Do you understand the intersection of Technology, Process, S...

14 Sep 2021

Twenty Years of Agile: It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

2021 marks the 20th anniversary of the Agile Manifesto that transformed software development and is ...

13 Jul 2021

Mono, Micro or Mini? Picking the Best Architecture Framework for Your Transition to Cloud-native Applications

OMDIA, in its report 2020 Trends to Watch: Cloud Native Development, highlighted the importance of h...

08 Jul 2021

Value Conversations are the Heart of TBM

Cost transparency is an absolute necessity for decision makers to maximize the value of IT spending....

22 Jun 2021

The Whole Product, Theodore Levitt and Product Management Today

It is useful to revisit the early foundation on which Product Management is built to understand why ...

08 Jun 2021

Streamline Processes and Achieve Objectives with Business Process Management

Despite the resources and effort put into digital transformations, 87% of companies fail to deliver ...

01 Jun 2021

Unlock Agility with Lean Portfolio Management

Traditional ways of running a business, like funding and carrying out major projects, fail to keep u...

25 May 2021

4 Ways to Create Alignment to Your Transformation’s Vision

The key to successful transformation is developing a culture where people have common beliefs aligne...

20 May 2021

Using Agile IV&V: Quickly Mitigate Your Risks with Improved Transparency

Does this sound familiar? You spent good money to have an Independent Verification and Validation (I...

11 May 2021

A Common Issue in Agile Adoption: Choosing the Right Metrics

One common issue that organizations face in Agile adoption is how to measure the success of their tr...

04 May 2021

Overcoming Resistance to Change

A common challenge to organizational transformation is resistance to change. But what is the nature ...

06 Apr 2021

Making the Shift from Project to Product

More and more public sector and commercial organizations are transitioning away from traditional Pro...

15 Dec 2020

Best Product Practices + Your Organization’s DNA = Product Genome

Enterprises collectively spend billions of dollars developing new products, but 95% of new products ...

03 Dec 2020

Is That New Technology Product the Best Fit for Your Enterprise?

Today, there are new and emerging technologies available to solve almost any business problem. We sh...

16 Nov 2020

A Product Approach To Planning For Unplanned Work

John F. Kennedy said, “The only unchangeable certainty is that nothing is certain or unchangeable”.

05 Nov 2020

When “We Know It All” Really Means “We Don’t Understand Our Customers”

Good Product Managers know one thing for sure — the inherent value from a product or service cannot ...

29 Oct 2020

The Product Manager as a Driver of Change

It’s no secret that organizations are operating in an environment that features constant and rapid c...

By xScion
07 Oct 2020

Addressing 4 Key Issues that Hinder Enterprise Product Management

Enterprises are complex entities with a large stakeholder and customer landscape. Products developed...