24 Jul 2018
Data Healthcare 4 min read

Transform Your Payment Integrity Approach to Reduce Improper Payments and Maximize Revenue


By xScion
17 Jul 2018

Rigid vs. Flexible Agile Transformation Methodology – Yes, You Do Have a Choice.

10 Jul 2018

Data Governance – The Costly Afterthought During Data Maturity


02 Jul 2018

Agile Transformation – You’re Either "All In" or "Not In At All"


26 Jun 2018
Data Healthcare 2 min read

Advanced Analytics & Machine Learning Techniques to Maximize the Power of Your Data Assets


By xScion
24 Jan 2018

The Healthcare Insurance Product Playbook - What You Need to Know in the Age of Consumerism


12 Dec 2017

Transforming Claims Through Predictive Modeling & Machine Learning


By xScion
05 Dec 2017

ADMM: The Playbook for Becoming a Data Company


29 Nov 2017

The Executive Misconception Between Saying And Being a Data Company


02 Aug 2017

xScion Hosts Webinar Series “Shifting QA Left”


By xScion
14 Mar 2017
Healthcare 1 min read

It Takes a Village to Improve Population Health


13 Jan 2017
Healthcare 1 min read

Consumerism Trumps All in Healthcare Transformation