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Top 5 Considerations for Evaluating Stacked Payment Integrity Solutions Across the Enterprise – A Quick Primer for the Busy CIO

Improper claims payment contributes more than $200 billion to the annual cost of U.S. healthcare, yet few payers are leveraging modern techniques and tools to proactively curb these unnecessary costs.


Transforming Claims through Predictive Modeling & Machine Learning


With healthcare spending at $3 trillion a year, rising medical costs and increased competition, it is more important than ever for healthcare payers to validate that claims payments are accurate. Payment Integrity refers to the prevention of...

ADMM: The Playbook for Becoming a Data Company


You want to become a Data Company…but how do you do it? Like any enterprise-level change, becoming a Data Company requires a sustained, organization-wide commitment to transformation. At xScion, our experts developed the Agile Data Maturity...

xScion Hosts Live Webinar Series “Shifting QA Left”

xScion Solutions (xScion), a strategy and technology consulting firm that offers strategy, data and enterprise solutions to support healthcare clients, announced today it is hosting a live, complimentary webinar series called “Shifting QA Left”....

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