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Tips to Stop Common Agile Failures


Every Agile project starts out with the best of intentions. But when it comes to Agile transformation, failure is (unfortunately) an option.

Taking Center Stage: The Customer


In the classic 1954 management book The Practice of Management, Peter Drucker wrote, “what the business thinks it produces is not of first importance – especially not to the future of the business and its success. What the customer thinks he...

Top-down + Bottom-up = Permanence

Using 'as-a-Service' (aaS) to Support Digital Transformation for Small & Mid-sized Companies

For those of you who are old enough to remember or have read the book, “1984” by George Orwell, the future is no longer in a far-away place, it is our present state. For those of you who haven’t read this book, I suggest you do so. Understanding...

Measuring for Agile Success

Clearly knowing what to measure and how to communicate and utilize the learnings are challenges for Agile success in today’s data rich environments. In the webinar 4 Communication Strategies for Agile Success, Agile expert Bhavani Krishnan and...

When Decentralized Decision-Making is Best…And Not Best.

In the typical, dynamic Agile environment there are two constants - conditions change and decision need to be made based on these changes. If decision-making authority is too centralized, decisions can be delayed and ill-informed. Conversely,...

The Time Sensitive Nature of Communicating Changes in Agile Priorities


We all can identify with this scenario: a delay causes us to start our commute 10 minutes late. The timing of the late start adds 30 minutes to our commute, and we end up missing an important meeting.

Communicate the Big (Agile) Picture


John G. Saxe’s poem, “The Blind Men and the Elephant,”  based on the famous parable, is an example of how the individual perspective can differ from the big picture perspective. In the poem, six blind men seek to learn about an elephant. Since...

Successful Communication is Crucial to Your Agile Transformation

One of the most common challenges for organizations on the Agile journey is navigating the gap between adoption and transformation. For example, a football play can look great on the chalkboard and the concept may be a winner, but it won’t go...

Dear Leadership - You May Be Killing Agile

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