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Battle of the "S"

Mar 01, 2016

2015 brought a significant number of positive changes to xScion. We moved, migrated to new accounting and other back office systems, grew revenue by 40+% and embarked on a rebranding effort.

 Part of the rebranding effort was the establishment of our three service areas which will help focus our sales and marketing efforts in 2016 and beyond. We also came up with an overarching theme for our offerings namely SMART [X] Solutions. Currently our offerings are SMART Data Solutions, SMART Integration Solutions and SMART Strategy Solutions. The bracketed [X] provides the flexibility to add new offerings into the model seamlessly.


With our new [X] theme it is time to update the logo. Above are the two options. The only difference is the size of the S.


Traditionally we have always written the company name as xScion with a capital "S" and a lower case "x". This stems from the fact that we wanted to call the company Scion but Toyota was about the launch the car and we couldn’t get the URL. So we put an "x" in front Scion and established xScion Solutions.

We want the logo to be aesthetically pleasing and also help people with pronouncing the name correctly.


So the question is: Big "S" or little "s"?