16 Jan 2024

Optimize Your AI Journey with Early OCM

Adopting AI and generative AI across corporate functions in both public sector and commercial enterp...

02 Jan 2024

What Challenges Should IT Professionals Prepare for in 2024?

As we kick off the New Year, budgetary, marketplace and compliance challenges will be front and cent...

05 Jul 2023

Optimizing Organization Knowledge – A Train to Sustain™ Viewpoint

Transformation is a multipronged journey with several moving parts. Of these, knowledge uptake, rete...

13 Jun 2023

Delivering Technology Modernization Requires Both Project Management and Agile Practices

Embracing Business Agility for Successful Modernization As I have delved into the intersection of tr...

17 May 2023

Challenges in Business Agility - Blending the 4Ps

In 2023, Business Agility in the Public Sector is being driven by modern practices and technology bu...

26 Apr 2023

Product-based Mindset in Change Management

In today's rapidly shifting business landscape, organizations must adapt and pivot to stay competiti...

18 Apr 2023

Business Agility Within the Public-Sector?

Business Agility is a term that is being bandied around by businesses, leaders and practitioners fro...

11 Apr 2023

5 Key Principles of Change Agility

Organizational Change Management (OCM) practices are increasingly shifting focus from Change Readine...

05 Apr 2023
xScion 4 min read

Empowering Girls and Women in STEM Through a Virtual 5K

As a former Track & Field college athlete, I've always found solace and inspiration in putting o...

21 Mar 2023

Effective Organizational Change Management Requires Change Agility

Much has changed in the practice of Organizational Change Management (OCM) in recent years. Organiza...

07 Mar 2023
4 min read

Using OpenAI ChatGPT to Accelerate Productivity and Upskilling

I enthusiastically anticipated the new OpenAI technology, ChatGPT, a chat interface that works with ...

28 Feb 2023
3 min read

5 Indicators of Agile Progress for Executives to Monitor

In Doing Agile Right: Transformation Without Chaos, the authors stress the important role executive ...

21 Feb 2023
3 min read

5 Early Warning Signs Your Agile Journey May Be Stalled

Businesses as diverse as Apple, Barclays, LEGO and John Deere have experienced great success adoptin...

15 Feb 2023
xScion 3 min read

Black History Month: The Life and Legacy of Virginia’s Maggie Lena Walker

In honor of Black History month, xScion celebrates the life and legacy of Maggie Lena Walker, a prom...

08 Feb 2023

Organizing Around Value Streams: Measuring Success

Increasingly, organizations are adopting a Value Stream approach to work to optimize value delivery ...

02 Feb 2023

What the Future of Work Means for Your Enterprise in 2023

Click most any news site today and you will find that articles that once discussed remote work, quie...

25 Jan 2023

Organizing Around Value Streams: Aligning Budgets to Your Work

In Organizing Around Value Streams: Preparing Your Teams, I wrote about how organizations are adopti...

12 Jan 2023
3 min read

Organizing Around Value Streams: Preparing Your Teams

Consistently creating and delivering customer value in complex and ever-changing environments is inh...

13 Dec 2022

Train in Hybrid Agile to Fit Your Team’s Unique Needs

Agile training is typically focused on a single framework without sufficiently considering the uniqu...

08 Dec 2022

Upskill Your People to Meet Emerging Capability Needs

Whether you are migrating legacy technology or implementing automation, Cloud technology or low-code...