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Dear Leadership - You May Be Killing Agile

How Well Do You Govern Your Data?

Over the last couple of years, I’ve helped many organizations of different sizes and various industries that were struggling with Data Governance. Every organization recognized the importance of governing their data assets, and all were governing...

Top 5 Considerations for Evaluating Stacked Payment Integrity Solutions Across the Enterprise – A Quick Primer for the Busy CIO

Improper claims payment contributes more than $200 billion to the annual cost of U.S. healthcare, yet few payers are leveraging modern techniques and tools to proactively curb these unnecessary costs.


Live Webinar Explains How to Ensure Data Security by Implementing Identity and Access Management Strategies

xScion Solutions announces webinar, How to Protect Your Company’s Data Anywhere, Anytime, On Any Device: Confidently Implement Identity & Access Management (IAM) Strategies.

Transform Your Payment Integrity Approach to Reduce Improper Payments and Maximize Revenue


Want to improve productivity and contain costs? Consider this…healthcare payers continue to grapple with how to reduce costs by improving the accuracy of claims payments or payment integrity. Traditionally, cost containment measures in this...

Rigid vs. Flexible Agile Transformation Methodology – Yes, You Do Have a Choice.


Data Governance – The Costly Afterthought During Data Maturity


We are in a very interesting time right now as it pertains to data and the promise that data holds for all organizations. We’re being inundated by buzz words like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Analytics and Data Science.

Agile Transformation – You’re Either "All In" or "Not In At All"

I was at the gym the other day running on the treadmill when my mind began to wander. As you often see, trainers were moving around the gym with their clients, helping to provide guidance, instruction and motivation. I was suddenly overcome by...

Advanced Analytics & Machine Learning Techniques to Maximize the Power of Your Data Assets


Regulatory changes, new business models and consumerism are change forces that collectively are transforming the healthcare industry. Payers and providers are responding to these changes by leveraging data and information assets in ways unlike...

The Healthcare Insurance Product Playbook - What You Need to Know in the Age of Consumerism

I can't remember a time when so many Americans had an opinion about the healthcare system. For as long as I can remember, American workers have come to expect healthcare services as part of their employer-sponsored benefit plans. While this...

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